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"Sacred Women's Circles"

"Gentle practices to help unravel the overwhelm of daily life".

"To circle is to gather in a space, time out of time. To take a much needed break from the every day.  To reconnect with ourselves. To pause, breathe, relax and nourish the soul".

Lissa Orr


Upcoming Events

  • Sacred Women's Circle:  26 June 2021
    26 Jun, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Feld & Co, 3/496 Marmion Street, Booragoon
    "Feminine Flowing Yoga and Relaxing Restorative Yoga Postures to help unravel the overwhelm of daily life" (no experience needed)
  • Sacred Women's Circle:  29 May 2021
    29 May, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Feld & Co, 6/496 Marmion St, Booragoon WA 6154, Australia
    "Feminine Flowing Yoga and Relaxing Restorative Yoga Postures to help unravel the overwhelm of daily life" (no experience needed)
  • Sacred Mother's Day Circle:  9 May 2021
    09 May, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Feld & Co, 6/496 Marmion St, Booragoon WA 6154, Australia
    Come and experience a special Mother's Day Circle focusing on feminine flowing yoga and relaxing restorative postures (no experience needed)

"I really enjoyed the whole mini workshop.  It was lovely to experience the singing bowls and I found it so relaxing.  Thank you so much Lian for opening up the world of Dru Yoga to me!



Dru Yoga is a graceful and feminine form of yoga, based on gentle, soft flowing movements. Dru Yoga works on the body, mind and soul to help rejuvenate your whole being.



Welcome to Circle.

Gentle breathing practices to ground and balance the mind and body.

Flowing feminine yoga to ease away stress and tension.

Nurturing restorative yoga postures to promote healing,

... and an extra-long relaxation leaving you feeling totally

rested and restored.

Flower Essences + Aromatherapy.

Heart Chakra Singing Bowl & Koshi Chime.

Oracle card pick.

Community, Cuppa & Chat

No experience needed ~ All women welcome.

Please note every Circle will differ slightly.  


350 Hour Registered Dru Yoga Teacher
Level 1, Yoga Australia Teacher
Comprehensive Insurance
St John Ambulance Certification
Working With Children Permit
Covid Safe


Sacred Women Circles have moved to Feld & Co, 3/496 Marmion Street, Booragoon,
Perth, Western Australia.


A beautiful boutique space provided.
Quality body care products used.
Your safety and wellbeing is our priority.
Covid Safety Compliant.
Hygienic yoga props.
All women are welcome.
No experience needed.
Community is our focus.



I am a qualified 350 hour Dru Yoga teacher.  I am registered with the Dru Yoga Professional Network and also with Yoga Australia as a Level 1, Yoga Teacher.

I am currently undertaking a Level 1, Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course with Bliss Baby Yoga.

My passion for yoga started many years ago when I was in my early 20’s.  I tried many types of yoga classes.  Every class had its own uniqueness but I wouldn’t say anyone really stood out for me until I was introduced to Dru Yoga.

In 2016 I booked to go on a Women’s Wellness Retreat to Fiji by myself. I felt stuck and overwhelmed with my life situation and deep down I felt there was something calling me, but I wasn’t sure what that was.

I came back from the retreat feeling empowered and full of energy. I knew there was a purpose for me and I was soon to find out.

It was only a week after arriving home I sought out intuitive guidance and from thereon 2016 was filled with enormous learnings, synchronicities and a new yoga class.  This is where I was introduced to Dru Yoga.  After my first class, I was captivated by this beautiful, gentle and heart awakening yoga.  A few weeks later my yoga teacher handed me a brochure to attend a "Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course". This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  

My passion is to share the gifts I have gained through my newly created "Sacred Women Circles".

These circles are to encourage women to cultivate time away from their busy schedules and embrace time-honoured practices and rituals to bring balance, serenity and calm into their life.

I know 2021 is going to be a year filled with more wonderful discoveries and I have lots planned for the

Sacred Women Circles.

Restorative Yoga will be coming to our Circles very soon and I am very excited to be able to share this with everyone in February 2021.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love yourself enough to Circle with us!

 Lian xo


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