Hello, I am Lian the founder of Yoga with L.

Welcome to Mama & Baby Nurture Circles opening in July 2022.

Baby Massage & Yoga
King Street Studio
99 King Street, East Fremantle
(corner of Marmion Street)


Baby Massage

Weekly Mama & Baby Nurture Circles

My aim is to provide the most beautiful and nurturing space for mamas to attend with their newborn babies and to share the ancient wisdom of baby massage and baby yoga.

The Mama & Baby Nurture Circles will also provide a soft place for new mamas to land, feel safe, and be supported.

This sacred space will be your weekly haven to fill up your "love cup" with some gentle yoga-inspired stretches, mindful breathing, and nurturing practices to help you feel more calm and relaxed.

"Love Creates Love" ~ compassion for one's "Self" helps provide you with the capacity to give 100% love to your baby.

Let the "love bubble" begin ...


            BABY MASSAGE & YOGA

"We teach the importance of love and connection through nurturing touch, massage & yoga to help babies and children reach their full potential and make the world a better place.

Blossom & Berry's mission is to grow babies with love, touch, responsive care, and positive interaction.  

We create nurturing experiences for parents and babies to deepen connection and confidence.  

We focus on touch as a way to support infant and maternal mental health as we believe this is the foundation for health and happiness.

Baby Yoga coming later in 2022!

Gayle Berry 
Blossom & Berry, Baby Massage & Yoga

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"Thank you Lian for a very nurturing morning.  The sequences today created a beautiful synergy between mind and body.  A wonderful start to the weekend".


A Little More About Me

I am a qualified 350 hr Dru Yoga teacher registered with the Dru Yoga Professional Network

and also with Yoga Australia as a Level 1, Yoga Teacher.​

I have recently qualified as a Level 1, Restorative Yoga Teacher with Bliss Baby Yoga.

My passion for yoga started many years ago when I was about 18 years old.  I had tried various styles of yoga but it wasn't until I experienced Dru Yoga that I felt totally at home with the practices.​

In 2016 I booked to go on a Women’s Wellness Retreat to Fiji. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed with my life situation and deep down I felt there was something calling me.

I came back from Fiji feeling empowered and full of energy. I knew there was a purpose for me

and I was soon to find out.

2016 was a year filled with enormous learnings, synchronicities, and a new yoga class.  

This is where I was introduced to Dru Yoga, after my first class I was captivated by this beautiful, gentle, and heart-warming yoga. A few weeks later I was enrolled in a Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course.  This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  

Since 2019 I have run "Sacred Women Circles" for the public and for other private organisations.  These circles provided a combination of Dru Yoga, restorative yoga and guided relaxations.  The themes were always about "self-love" and relaxation.

In 2021 I was blessed with an opportunity to share yoga with toddlers/pre-kindy age children.  I work throughout the week at various childcare centres in Perth.

Now in 2022, I am currently studying a Diploma in "Combined Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & a Developmental Play Instructor Course (Infant Mental Health for Babies 8 Weeks Plus).

My passion is to be able to provide weekly nurturing circles to new mamas and their newborns.  To share the benefits baby massage and baby yoga provides and to help create a beautiful "love bubble" between baby and mama encouraging healthy loving attachments.

I am so looking forward to launching in 2022.  

With love, Lian xo



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