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Welcome to Mama & Baby Nurture Circles,

I can't wait to meet you and your new baby.

Baby Massage & Baby Yoga


King Street Studio

99 King Street, East Fremantle

1:1 In-Home Personalised Tuition

(*Limited area availability)


Baby Massage

Mama & Baby Nurture Circles
(In-home tuition now available through winter)

My aim is to provide the most beautiful and nurturing space for mamas to attend with their new babies and to share the ancient wisdom of baby massage and baby yoga.

* Baby yoga will be launched later in 2022.

The Mama & Baby Nurture Circles will provide a soft place for new mamas to land, feel safe, and be supported within a like-minded community.

This sacred space will be your haven to fill up your "love cup" with some gentle yoga-inspired stretches, mindful breathing, and nurturing practices to help you feel more calm and relaxed ready to massage your baby.

"Love Creates Love" having compassion for yourself helps provide you with the capacity to give 100% love to your baby.


Baby Massage provides so many benefits for your new baby.

What are these benefits?

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Social & Emotional Development

What is Oxytocin?  Oxytocin is referred to as the "cuddle chemical" and is released in both mother and baby during massage. It creates positive feelings and encourages bonding.  Oxytocin helps stimulate the "let down reflex" when breastfeeding.

Happy Baby

Remedial Tool Kit

Massage helps tone a baby's immature digestive system aiding with peristalsis. Massaging a baby's tummy will help break down gas bubbles easing tummy pain and eliminating waste.
Learn mini-massage strokes to help with teething pain and nasal congestion helping babies to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Mother Smiling With Newborn Baby

Brain and Nervous System Development

When you massage your baby you help speed up a process called "myelination".  Myelination is the processing of covering nerve fibres with a fatty sheath improving body and brain development.  This happens in both the brain and nervous system.

This helps the body and brain communicate faster and more efficiently.


Improving Sleep Patterns

As you know yourself (if you have experienced a massage) you feel deliciously relaxed and sleepy afterwards. The University of Warwick in the UK conducted a study of approximately 600 infants (all under 6 months of age).  Baby massage showed it reduced cortisol levels (stress hormone) in babies helping them to feel more relaxed and improved melatonin levels which helps with sleep patterns.